Marcello "Friend"

Lost soul or irredeemable monster?


Benedetto Marcello was a nobleman, magistrate, and composer in the 1700s. His talents and fortune drew the attention of a Daeva named Rosanna. Rosanna used her charms and beautiful singing voice to gain the love and adoration of Benedetto, convincing him to take her as his wife. Rosanna had enemies, however. She had offended local Ventrue and Nosferatu with her haughty attitude and habit of playing with other peoples things. Sadly for Benedetto, he was to be the instrument of revenge. Even as Rosanna was holding Benedetto under the vinculum her enemies secured permission to embrace him at the hands of a particularly hideous Nosferatu bloodline and made sure his “death” became common knowledge. Local Ventrue blocked her attempts to inherit the Marcello fortune, having her declared a common woman and the marriage illegal and therefor null.

Marcello’s sire kept him long enough for the hideous transfiguration of his cursed line to take place and then unveiled his new child to Rosanna. Benedetto could not see the face of his beloved Rosanna but did hear her voice and reached out to embrace her. Rosanna angrily rejected Benedetto, calling him disgusting and useless to her now. As Marcello collapsed and wept he and Rosanna were openly mocked in the court. Marcello fled into the night, withdrawing into the canals and sewage lines of Venice.

Marcello’s sire had no use for him after his revenge was complete and left him to rot or be slain for revealing himself to mortals. Rosanna continued to refuse to accept Benedetto even after he repeatedly tried to win her back. The Ventrue lords responsible also rejected Marcello from their society, preferring to pretend that he did not exist.

Marcello soothed his heart by replicating the sound of Rosanna’s beautiful voice singing to him in the night. Legends began to emerge in the streets of a maiden haunting the canals of Venice with her siren song, no one who went looking for the voice ever returned. But as time passed and the bonds of love, blood, and memory faded his imitation took a darker turn. The singing changed over time to cries for help and screams for mercy from Rosanna’s voice.

After years of faintly heard cries one final night of ear piercing screams of fear and agony terrorized the locals of Venice, and Rosanna was never heard…or seen again.

Marcello "Friend"

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