Seattle Underground


Like many cities, Seattle has a dead city beneath the living one. It is here that Daddy Long-legs has chosen to make a home for himself and his brotherhood of misfits. With the help of Marcello and these homeless and unfortunates Daddy has managed to carve out clean and habitable homes beneath the surface of Seattle. A call has gone out to those with nowhere to go that there is a place that they can call home. A place where they will be accepted and welcomed without the scorn of society.

Stores of hot food and construction material have been gathered, through means unknown to most. Local leaders such as Doc and Mr. Fix-it have emerged and helped provide much needed medical care and know-how. Running water has been procured and power and lighting will come shortly.

Daddy Long-legs, Marcello, Doc, and Mr. Fix-it are all members of a strange order within the Seattle Underground known as The Masked. Some among the underground do not know what to make of these strange men but few can question that they are making lives for everyone around them better and have asked only that others do the same.

Member of Seattle Underground are requested to help the community in whatever way they can. Help can be as simple as passing along messages or simply observing a building. Most contribute by providing labor to the efforts of making room for more residents. Many in the Seattle Underground live in shelters that they have built with their own hands.

Those with crippling chemical dependencies or mental diseases receive “special care and counseling” from Daddy Long-legs. Whatever this means, it does seem to keep these dangerous men and women in line and able to mingle with their new neighbors.

Seattle Underground

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