The Masked

The Masked are a society within the Seattle Underground homeless community, led by Daddy Long-legs. Every member of The Masked symbolically dons a mask of their choice as their new face, who they were before ceases to matter. It is an opportunity to leave ones old self behind and embrace something new. The Masked have fully embraced Seattle Underground society and seek to protect and shepherd them.

Once someone is deemed to have fully accepted the Seattle Underground as their community and family they are approached with an opportunity to join The Masked. Members are privy to just how far down The Underground goes and have access to its increasingly impressive network of information and resources. The Masked also become aware of the lengths to which Daddy Long-legs and Marcello are willing to go to protect their flock and are far more likely to witness use of their supernatural abilities. Because of this the faint of heart are not generally extended invitations.

Treachery amongst The Masked will not be tolerated. Daddy Long-legs is not keen on making threats to his followers but knows without a doubt that should any member of The Masked betray their brothers and sisters or do them harm that it will be last thing they ever do.

Daddy Long-legs: The leader of the pack, so to speak. Daddy preaches to the Seattle Underground in the hopes that more will follow the call the The Masked. He is responsible for the founding of The Masked and Seattle Underground and the spiritual leader of both groups.

Marcello “Friend”: Once a shunnned Nosferatu on the verge of becoming a wight, Marcello has been inducted to The Masked under the moniker of “Friend” not only for the talents and strength he brings to the table, but also to save his soul. Ostensibly Friend is the enforcer of The Masked and The Seattle Underground, but Daddy Long-legs is concerned that having Marcello perform violence could start him back down the descent to monstrosity.

Doc: The closest thing The Seattle Underground has to a doctor. Doc is a former army medic and suffers from somewhat crippling PTSD. Now in a community that accepts his fits and supports him, Doc is on the road to recovery and using his medical skills in the best way he can.

Mr. Fix-it: A former general contractor and recovering alcoholic now responsible for organizing the building efforts of The Seattle Underground. Mr. Fix-it has a gruff manner that has rubbed some people the wrong way, but so far he has known how to get the job done.

The Masked

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